Kakeru Kogure (小暮 駆 Kogure Kakeru) is one of the Main Characters in Onegai My Melody series. He is one of Uta 's friends. Kakeru has known her since they were little. He realizes he loves her and has a crush on her in the first season. He had bullied Uta when they were young and now regrets it, hoping the past will be put aside as he attempts to tell her how he feels. He confessed his love to Uta in Onegai My Melody Kuru Kuru Shuffle.


Appearance Edit

Kakeru has an average height. He has short brown hair and light brown eyes. He wears a masculine, but casual outfits in multiple episodes.

Personality Edit

In his youth, Kakeru is a mischievous and a wayward boy. He always bullies Uta, thus Uta will become more hateful to him. Miki and Mana somehow hates him also. Some time before the start of the series, Kakeru realized his wrongdoing and vows that he will change into a kind, remorseful, helpful, and gentle guy who always protect Uta when she was in danger. Kakeru start to have a crush on Uta, but he would never tell his affection to everyone, not even Uta and Flat, because of his shyness. As time progress, he was forgiven by Uta and her friends because he changed and became friends for real. In Sukkiri onwards, he has a courage to date Uta, much to Masahiko's dismay. He tends to call Uta and her friends by Last Name, except for Jun of course.

Etymology Edit

Kogure (小暮):The term Kogure splits into two. The term ko (小) means little or small. The term Gure (暮) means living. His name roughly translates as "small living"

Kakeru (駆):The term Kakeru means drive, run, or gallop, which fits his sporty personality.

His name means, "Small living drive".

Trivia Edit

  • He was kissed several times(accidentally and intentionally). First, Hiragii. Second, Jun. Third, Baku. And the fourth is Masahiko (fifth if you count Uta since she kissed Kakeru in the Kuru Kuru Shuffle finale).
  • He tends to bully Uta when they were little.
  • Flat is his dream partner.
  • Uta called her "Kogure" in the first two seasons, then finally she called her "Kakeru" or "Kakeru-kun".
  • Jun is his best friend, despite their differences.
  • As a Bunny-Eared Ranger, he wears a Green costume. His weapon is Sorry-to-be-akward Beam.
  • In Sukkiri, when summoned by My Melody, he was tasked to eat foods.
  • He is one of the shortest boys in class.
  • He became Uta's boyfriend in Sukkiri.