• Keiichi Hiiragi is the Main Character, reduce to a Supporting Character in Sukkiri, in Onegai My Melody series. He is a Senior High School in Yumegaoka High School and is one of Kanade's batchmates. He is the famous violinst and teen heartthrob. His violin playing supplies Kuromi's Melody Key with Dark Power in the first series being the apparent chosen of the Melody Bow. He became Bunny-Eared Mask in Season 2, and even continues his job as the latter in the next season.

Personality Edit

In the series, Keiichi is shown to be dull, inactive, calm, and reserved, but in truth, he has trouble in having a dream so he decided to befriend Kuromi and Baku in order to achieve his goals and to unleash the Dark Power seemingly out of boredom but soon he is the de facto leader of Kuromi's group. He is expert at martial arts and playing violin. Very popular around girls, Keiichi is often secretly agitated or indifferent to ladies. He does not above subterfuge to further his goals and keep the knowledge he is working with My Melody's enemies a secret from the heroes though he interacts with them freely. Although he is usually reserved and dull, he is short-tempered when someone taunts him and Keiichi tries to backfire(by attacking physically) the person who does so, even his brother, Jun. At the end of the second season, he and Jun rekindle their brotherly relationship and likes Uta Yumeno in the second season.

Appearance Edit

Keiichi is a tall teenager. He has bluish gray hair and gray eyes, something that never inherited from his mother, Suzuka, but presumably to his father. He usually wears modest clothes.

Bunny-Eared Mask Edit

I hear them. I hear them. The cries from the people troubled by love. The lamentation of people suffering from wickedness. Because bunny ears are long. The envoy of love and righteousness, Bunny-Eared Mask is here!
Kikoeru. Kikoeru. Ai ni nayamu hitobito no sakebi ga. Aku ni kurushimu hitobito no nageka ga. Datte usagi no mimi wa negai 'n da mon. Ai to seigi no shisha, Usamimi Kamen, sanjou!'
Bunny-Eared Mask is Keichii's alter ego. He gained this as a punishment for helping the Dark Power destroy the world in which he was supposedly turned into a tapir but was interrupted when Kuromi and Baku escaped from prison once again. He cannot gain this transformation except through magic.


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