Mana Fujisaki (藤崎 真菜 Fujisaki Mana) is one of the Main Characters in Onegai My Melody. She is tomboyish red-haired girl who is one of Uta Yumeno's friends. They are athletic and they fear cute things. Whenever Kuromi and Baku create chaos, Mana would often kick them out the of vicinity. They have a frog named Kojiro. Whenever My Melody comes near to them or talks to them, they would often freak out in a similar way a girl would if she came in contact with a rat or spider.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

Mana is as tall as Kanade. She has messy pixie-cut red hair and gray eyes. Her outfits are somewhat boyish and sporty.

Personality Edit

Mana is sporty, tomboyish, adventurous, and otherwise disorganizing. She is harsh, cold and fearful towards My Melody and when she comes towards her, she would freak out. She has a fear of cute things. She loves sports. Her personality is a polar opposite to Miki. She also respects and cares for her friends, no matter how different they are. She always speaks in a masculine way. He totally hates My Melo mostly she really hate because she was cutie of all