Open, Dream Door is an incantation Kuromi used in order to open people's dreams using nightmare magic. It can be heard in almost every episode of Seasons one and two.

List of Victims to Kuromi's MagicEdit

Onegai My Melody

Name of Victim Desire Effect Judgment after being freed from Nightmare Magic Notes Produced Episode
Uta Yumeno To become an expert in playing a violin The violin can move on its own She was happy because Keichii liked her performance One Pink Note Episode 1
Masaya Taniguchi The become a better student and have high scores His head turns into a computer and gains a vast number of knowledge. When provoked, he releases words in order to attack an enemy. He begin to work hard in order to have a better grade One Pink Note Episode 2
Hiroaki Yamamoto To make more friends His camera turns into a turtle-like camera that can capture a person or object he desires and sends them inside the camera. He begin to make friends without hesitation One Pink Note Episode 3
One Black Note Episode 4
One Pink Note Episode 5
One Pink Note Episode 6
One Pink Note  Episode 7
MIki Sakurazuka One Pink Note Episode 8
Masahiro Nakazawa To become better at jump roping  He begin to practice a lot without cheating One Pink Note Episode 9
One Black Note Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12