Uta Yumeno (夢野 歌 Yumeno Uta) is the Main Character and Deuteragonist of the series. She is My Melody's human friend and partner. She is a second grader in Yumegaoka Junior High School, along with Miki, Mana, Kakeru, and Jun. She is the first person to fall victim to Kuromi's Melody Key. When she sings, she can power up the Melody Takt, just like how Jun and Hiiragi power up the Melody Key. She has been seen in Kirara at the last episode. She has two sisters, older one Kanade and the younger Koto; making her the second daughter and middle child of the three. She has appeared in every episode except in Kirara.

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She has hazel brown eyes and waist-lenght honey brown hair, usually tied in pigtails. She only wears it down when going to bed. Like the rest of the characters, her outfits change throughout the series.

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She is very cheerful and energetic. She also had a crush on Keiichi. Despite all the energy, she can be a sloth at times whenever it comes to school. In her past with Kakeru, she was very stubborn and became hateful to him. However, as their relationship progressed, and she became Kakeru's girlfriend. She and her sisters are having a good relationship, no matter how many times they bicker. She is poor at school and has low grades. She is also not good at sewing, playing violin, and cooking, but she has a good heart of heroism and is good at saving the day with My Melody at her side.

Relationships Edit

My Melody: When she and My Melody first met, Uta scolds My Melo because she though that she and Kuromi are the same stuffed animal since Kuromi casted a spell on her the last day. After that, she realized that the two are different. After My Melody freed Uta from the spell, Uta greatly welcomes her (My Melody) to her house and let her stay with her and her family. When My Melo stays for a long time in the Human World, she and Uta soon become best friends and partners and never want to leave each other's side.

Keiichi Hiragii: Uta is one of Keichii's biggest idol in school. Uta decided to become a violist in order to impress him, despite her poor violin skills. When Keichii tells Uta that her performance was great, she was greatly happy. A few episodes later, Keichii and Uta seemed to become good friends, although Uta is unaware what Keichii is up to in order to complete the Song of Dark Power and his interaction with Kuromi, at first. When Keichii reveals to Uta that he has no dream, Uta will find some other way to find his dream no matter what. In the next season, when she realized that Keichii would quit playing a violin, she should persuade Keichii not to give up his dream of being a violist, and also when Jun was possessed by Dar-chan, she convinces Keichii not to have a feud between him and Jun again and to reconcile each other.

Kakeru Kogure: When the two were young, Kakeru always bullies Uta in kindergarten. Uta starts to hate Kakeru due to his behavior until sometime in the series when Kakeru realized his wrongdoings and tries his best to prove that he has no intention to bully Uta anymore. As Kakeru and Uta became good friends, Kakeru starts to have a crush on Uta, though he is shy to tell his feelings for her, until later in the second half of Season 2. Uta also start to have a feelings for Kakeru and this time, she will start calling him by First Name instead of Last Name.

Miki Sakurazuka:

Mana Fujisaki:

Kanade Yumeno: While Kanade is sometimes rude and sassy towards Uta, Uta and Kanade greatly care and love each other, as what siblings do. When Uta did things that embarrassed her sister, Kanade scolds her and the two sisters starts to bicker. She also did this to Koto sometimes when Uta and Koto are picking each other. Kanade teased Uta about her date with Keichii, to Uta's dismay.

Etymology Edit

Yumeno (夢野): The term Yumeno can be split into two. The Yume means dream, while no means field or plain. It can be translated into Dream field or Dream Plain.

Uta (歌): The term Uta means song or melody, which is why she was the perfect human partner of My Melody.

Her name means "dream field song" or "dream plain song"

Trivia Edit

  • She has appeared in every episode except in Kirara where she appeared in the last episode of the same series.
  • In Episode 4 of the first series, she refers to her mother as a "Star in the Heavens", meaning she passed away long before the events of the series take place.
  • She is the Main Character who holds My Melody most of the time.
  • As a Bunny-Eared Ranger, she wore an orange costume. Her weapon is Winner's Beam.
  • Her basic attacks are Uta-chan Fire, Uta-chan Kick, and Uta-chan Bed-Toss Punch when she was affected by Nightmare Magic or she was summoned by My Melo using Hyper Melody Tact.
  • She usually told My Melody to do something when the Dream Door was opened.
  • She is the middle child of the three.
  • Whenever Uta sing, The Melody Tact charge up.
  • She and Kakeru confess each other in Kuru Kuru Shuffle Episode 41.
  • Uta is the Main Character who took nightmare magic the most. She was also affected by the Huff-Puff in Sukkiri.
  • Her birthday is in November 19, giving her the Scorpio Zodiac Sign.

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